Project Description

Here you can find a short collection of my old and experimental projects. Most of the 3D work has been made in Maya, the interaction in Flash, and the post-production in Photoshop. Among the projects:

Projects made during my enrollment for the German Army:
> Virtual tour: “Sanitary Container”
> Virtual tour: “The new hospital in Hamburg”
> 360° visualization of the vehicles YAK and Hägglund.
Projects made as freelancer:
> C.O.P. Messe & Display GmbH: Presentation “CHARMANT INC.” at the exhibition “SiLMO” in Paris.
> Impulse AG-Versicherungen: Impulse Arena, visualization of the new soccer state in Augsburg.
> Dentalook: Logo design.

For more information, feel free to visit my old website.